Zo Seines

Zo Seines

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Zo Seines

Cut quite a swathe in open water with our versatile flat net. It is often referred to as a “kick net” since kicking the stream bed drives the “critters” into the net. Standard Methods suggests a net such as this may be used over cobbled stream beds to dislodge hidden fish. Use in a sweeping motion like a fish seine or as a large kick net downstream of aquatic weeds. Or as a big drift net to collect floating invertebrates - the choice is yours. Easy to control with weighted bottom and optional handles that slide into sleeves at either end. Drain small invertebrates into a bottle with optional Zo adaptor.

SPECIFICATIONS • One meter square in 500 or 600 mm Nitex nylon • With wood handles, 1321 mm (52”) long, OD 25 mm (1”) • Add a 125 mL bottle with center-mounted PVC adaptor • Made-to-Order available • Lightweight and easy to handle • Use as a kick net in stream beds

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