Beta Water Sampler for Series Sampling

Beta Water Sampler  for Series Sampling

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Beta Water Sampler, For Series Sampling

No metal parts to touch your sample • Kits include bottle, plastic carry case, 45-B10 messenger & 62-C15 line (100 ft.) • Bottles & bottles with cases also available

Back by popular demand! These sturdy samplers can be used to take up to five samples at five different depths, all on one line! Place up to five bottles on one line, each with a messenger above the trip, and drop your messenger. Because each messenger is connected to the above bottle by a lanyard (customer must fabricate and connect lanyards to messengers), our special trip ensures that all bottles close in rapid succession once the first bottle is struck.

Designed for trace metal sampling. Also may be used for organic sampling to concentrations of mg/L. When running metal, organic, or any other chemical analyses, it is best to run a blank on the sampler prior to use.

This sampler requires a messenger and line (not included, except in kits) for operation, and is suitable for series sampling. A thermometer can be mounted inside acrylic Beta™ bottles.

Cotice: Beta Water Sampler for Series Sampling

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