Kemmerer Water Samplers Extreme Conditions

Kemmerer Water Samplers  Extreme Conditions

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Kemmerer Water Samplers, Extreme Conditions

• For industrial solvents, acids and bases

• Use up to 450° F

This is the cost-effective choice for the tough industrial uses. Constructed of 304 and 316 SS and Teflon except for screws and springs which are 18-8. Often used for sampling industrial solvents, strong acids and strong bases at temperatures up to 450° F. Also good for sampling trace organics. Our teflon end seals are non-organic and temperature resistant, making them an ideal and cost-effective choice for chemical testing. 1.2L volume.

Designed for trace organic sampling. When running organic or any other chemical analyses, it is best to run a blank on the sampler prior to use.

This sampler requires a messenger and line or cable (not included, except in kits) for operation.

Cotice: Kemmerer Water Samplers Extreme Conditions

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