High Torque S Series

High Torque S Series

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The "S Series" is the optimum proposal for all applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions, on fixed industrial equipment and also self-propelled machines. This epicyclic solution is preferable to solutions with traditional gear units as it offers an improvement of 40-60% in terms of space and weight.

With its many output versions, numerous input possibilities and all the accessories supplied, the "S Series" extends the application possibilities of epicyclic gear units to all industrial sectors: mixers for any type of material, extruders, all types of conveyors belts, industrial and port lifting equipment, grinders and mills, machines for working sheet and rod, large iron-making plants, sugar and food oil production plants, plants for quarries and mines, purification plants.

The main characteristics of this new Riduttori range are: - 8 harmonically developed sizes, from 34,000 Nm to 370,000 Nm nominal torque - In line and right angle execution up to 4 reduction stages - Output versions: female splined, hollow cylindrical for shaft-mounting, male cylindrical and male splined shaft - Input versions with male input shaft, arrangements for electric and hydraulic motors, possibility of multidisc brakes - A wide range of input and output accessories supplied with unit - Possibility of integral solutions with gear units having a different technology.

"High Power" Series High Power gear units for medium and high power industrial applications combine the innovative technology and performance of latest S series range with the high quality and reliability of PIV Drives’ Posired series of right-angle gearboxes.

The result is a new series of right-angle gear units that has all the benefits of versatile output configurations typical of planetary gear units combined with the tested input safety of high quality right-angle gearboxes, a solution that is more efficient, quieter, more compact and offers a better price / performance ratio compared to ordinary gear units.

The application range of these new gear units includes a variety of ratios – from 1:75 to 1:660 – and a transmission capacity of up to 950 kW of power. These gearboxes are the result of the partnership and the teamwork between and PIV.

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