Bomba Dosificadora

Bomba Dosificadora

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Bomba Dosificadora

The pump drive mechanism transmits a reciprocating action to a piston operating in a hydraulic reservoir. The piston’s forward movement transmits hydraulic force against a diaphragm/membrane separating the pumping mechanism from the liquid being pumped.

Since the diaphragm has no mechanical attachment, it is HYDRAULICALLY BALANCED and stress free. When the diaphragm is working within the recommended temperature range, it is immune to the effects of corrosion and abrasion. These features work together to give the diaphragm an unlimited life. Diaphragms and heads are available in a variety of materials to meet any corrosive pumping problem.

Because the motion of the diaphragm can be precisely controlled by the drive mechanism, the pumping rate can be metered with exceptional accuracy. Fail-safe protection is built in. Three automatic valves keep the entire system hydraulically balanced for trouble-free operation.

Cotice: Bomba Dosificadora

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