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The Force of Steel, the Heating Energy of Stone

Obtaining energy for heating in different ways is essential, not only for the whole country, but also for each individual who has the opportunity.

As part of Unical’s programme for exploiting biomass in order to attain a major harmony with the environment, we are pleased to present three new log boilers, ideal for those consumers who aware of the energy problems we are facing, desire products easy to use, with high performances and reduced fuel consumption, without having to resort to onerous investments.

Simplicity and Perfection

The range of FOKOLUS boilers sums up the most primitive features which wood evokes. On one hand nature and on the other the technology which Unical has been able to develop.

With the combustion process, the whole cycle which characterizes renewable energies comes to a close.

The results are: comfort, economics, friendly environmental, all offered “naturally” by FOKOLUS.

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