Ice Maker 241 Kg

Ice Maker 241 Kg

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Ice Maker 241 Kg

The smallest of ice cube machines these ice machines are self contained, air-cooled models that produce from 65lbs to 95lbs of ice cubes a day. The ice machines are designed to fit under a counter, behind a bar, or in spot locations like coffee shops, hotel suites or office break areas. The attractive stainless steel cabinet with its Euro design will fit into any decor.

Specifications Ice Maker

  • Up to 450 lbs. (241 kgs.) daily ice production
  • Only 22" (55.88 cm) wide
  • Stainless steel exterior with the fit and finish of an appliance
  • Rugged, corrosion-free base
  • Patented cleaning and sanitizing technology
  • New batch water system delivers better ice cube formation
  • R-404A CFC-free refrigerant

Cotice: Ice Maker 241 Kg

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