Team Ozone home

Team Ozone home

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Team Ozone Home

The team of ozone at home is the most compact ozone-water system. can easily be attached to water faucet without tools and is free of operating costs, is economically, ecologically. Additionally deletes the pathogenic bacteria and viruses

Ozone is produced from oxygen in the air by the high voltage electrical discharge in water pressure. Ozone home team is capable of producing 70 mg of ozone in an hour, depending on the pressure of running water. The ozone concentration in water varies from 03 to 07 mq L.


The team ozone house is attached to the water outlet of a faucet that can be attached to various types of faucet adapters using plastic, requires no special tools. Can be set manually.


Ozone is a molecule consisting of three oxygen (3x0 = 03). With its power of oxidation, is an effective disinfectant, which is characterized by its rapidity and low concentrations required. It has the ability to destroy not only bacteria but also viruses, including spores, fungi and other contaminants by oxidation.

In water, ozone decomposes rapidly and is hydrolyzed even more powerful oxidizing Therefore, ozone water is one of the characteristics of ozone that are related to oxidation.

The team has home ozone water supplies, but not harmful. It can be used in a wide range of applications

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