Mechanical pump regulator

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Mechanical pump regulator


Mechanical pump regulator

Once connected electrically for the first time the pump turns on the regulator until the pump hydraulic system reaches maximum pressure, which then stops. The shift in any tap in the hydraulic system pump mechanism detects the reduced pressure, and when this pressure reaches the restart, immediately starts the pump. To adjust the pressure of the pump must be restarted, according to his need.


? Stop the pump in case of excess water temperature (55 ° C), which protects against high temperatures
? High protection of water temperature (55 ° C) and (45 ° C)
? Controls pressure, flow and water temperature
? Patented electro-mechanical operation
? water pump pressure control device
? Delay in the off-pump
? Immediate water


? Pump protection of water temperature
? Adjustable pressure Reiniciar
? Easy and quick connection
? Check valve equipped
? Pressure gauge fitted 
? Quiet operation

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