Feeding Three phase three phase pumps up to 7 5 HP

Feeding Three phase three phase pumps up to 7 5 HP

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Feeding Three-phase Three-phase Pumps up to 7.5 HP

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has been developed specifically for the testing of pumps using an asynchronous three-phase three-phase line. Ensures a constant pressure despite variations in capacity and offer users the benefit of the delivery of water (regardless of the number of collections of water) thus ensures the efficiency of energy savings.

Special attention has been given to the user interface to ensure a quick and easy installation. The front panel provides 4 keys and a 2 line x 16 character display and declaring in order to see the functional parameters and alarm. The parameters are written in full on the screen and there is no need to interpret them.

The maximum pressure and pump pressure are mainly the implementation of the parameters.

In the case of an anomaly situation Hydro Controller protect autoclave, which was shut down, but to protect the supply will be carried out or repeated attempts programmed automatic reset.

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Cotice: Feeding Three phase three phase pumps up to 7 5 HP

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