Pen pH Meter

Pen pH Meter

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Pen pH Meter

The pH meter has a range-1200mV ~ * 1200 mV mV LCD indicates both the value and temperature. Pen type ORP meters, all in one, including the ORP electrode, easy to use. * Data hold function for freezing the desired value. Automatic shut off water proof in 20 minutes without any self-calibration of 0 mV, 500mV microcomputer circuit, the function of intelligent high precision. Easy to change the electrode compact size, light weight. The measurement of temperature, measured in ° F, ° C the power supply is 1.5 V battery (LR44) x 4 PCS Build in temperature sensor ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation). Is available for wide applications such as aquarium, beverage, fish hatcheries, food processing, photography, laboratory, quality control, schools, swimming pools The water conditions.


LCD screen size: 20mm x 27 mm. Measuring range-1200mV ~ 1.200 mV Accuracy ± 2mV Calibration mV to 500 mV 0 mV calibration guarantee the best linearity and accuracy. Operating Humidity Less than 80% relative humidity. Dimension 188 * x38mm meter with pH electrode. Weight 82 g (including electrodes). USD / Pc

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