Grinder pump 165m

Grinder pump 165m

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Grinder pump 165m

The grinder pump is used particularly in civil and industrial wastewater plants are designed to pump the liquid to high head with very low capacity. The cutter unit, especially a hard stainless steel, cut into small pieces allows the materials contained in the liquid. Because the risk is to avoid the obstruction of small-diameter tubes are used. These pumps can be used to lift the sewage from apartment blocks and villas, small isolated areas far from the sewer.

Cover, motor cover, pump, stand and cast iron impeller. Shaft, bolts and nuts of stainless steel. A mechanical seal of silicon carbide.

Restrictions on the use

Max temperature of pumped liquid 40C
Maximum depth of 20 m
pH of the liquid pumped 6-10

Cotice: Grinder pump 165m

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