Submersible motor

Submersible motor

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Submersible motor

Submersible motor rewinding and oil cooled, engine casing and closure systems in stainless steel corrosion resistant. The upper flange stamped brass and stainless steel toothed shaft coupling allows any hydraulic membrane off, power cord, mechanical seals and sealing anti-sand to ensure reliability and safety

The submersible motor can be installed vertically and horizontally the number of starts per hour is 30, has a maximum depth of immersion is 200 mt minimum speed cooling 8cm/sec its maximum ambient temperature 35 º C, pH 6.5 - 8 -0 length is 1.4 meters (0.37 kW - 0.55 kW) 1.8 mt (0.75 Kw - 1.1 Kw)


Puissance: monophasé 0,37Kw – 1,1Kw 
                Triphasé 0,37Kw – 1,1Kw

Voltajes: monophasé 230V o 400V +- 10% 50Hz o 60Hz 
              Triphasé 230V 400V +- 10% 50Hz o 60Hz

Cotice: Submersible motor

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