Submersible centrifugal pump

Submersible centrifugal pump

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Submersible centrifugal pump

Multistage centrifugal submersible pump for 6 "wells, particularly suitable for water and distribution facilities increased maximum flow 78 m3 / h with a maximum height 433m monomer, water temperature 30 º C, sand content exceeding 50g/m3.

Built in stainless steel, mouth drive in stainless steel check valve with built-up hook for lifting flange for a hydraulic coupling, axle bearings of high quality with low friction and high wear resistance, turbines and distributors of high quality ensure optimal performance and filter / grid in stainless steel to prevent the passage of sand and other bodies extraneos


Lifting water from deep wells
Sprinkler irrigation system on agricultural
And pressure distribution in civil and industrial installations
Fire systems
Drainage and depletion of mining

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