Electromagnetico Flow Meter

Electromagnetico Flow Meter

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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The unique rectangular design flow sensor with rectangular cross section allows a significant reduction of the magnetic field excitation. The coils are arranged so that it forms a strong and homogenous magnetic field. The measure is thus independent of flow profile and the measurements are very stable. This translates into a very good performance of low flow and allows input of very short and goes out.

The lining of the flow sensor is highly resistant to pressure or vacuum, corrosion and aging. The coating is widely used in the water industry and accepted for potable water applications according to the ACS, DVGW, KTW, NSF and WRC. The optional data logger and a GSM module allow remote meter reading and wireless transmission of measurement data and status information.

The flow meter, battery-powered, independent water meter, the battery life of up to 15 years, has excellent performance in low flow conditions and wider range of flow, it is easy to install, input short and going out, no filters and two-way flow. Burial (IP68), the installation of cameras is not necessary, maintenance-free operation, no moving parts, no wear and clogging-free, is optional battery data recorder / GSM module for remote data transfer the flow meter is designed for industries for water extraction, water distribution and irrigation.


- The raw water, potable water, irrigation water

- Good camera

- Revenues of water metering for accurate billing

- Monitoring of the distribution networks

- Pipeline Leak Detection

- Water consumption measurement

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