Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

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Electromagnetic Flow Sensor

The electromagnetic flow sensor is a specialist in water and wastewater, has international approvals drinking water compliance wit and installation length, this maintenance-free, has a range of large diameters.

The electromagnetic flow sensor is the optimum solution for applications in water and wastewater, has a reliability and long-term durability is more convenient for the water market.

Its fields of application are:

- Mining

- Water and wastewater

- The water distribution networks and irrigation

- Water purification

- Environmental engineering

- Wastewater treatment

- Municipalities

- Paper and pulp

- Metals y mining

- Several other process industries

- Power

- The seasons heating cooling

Application examples:

- The drinking water for raw water and sea water

- Groundwater and wastewater and sewage sludge

- Cooling water

- Leak Detection buscar

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