Electromagnetic Flowmeter 2-wire connection

Electromagnetic Flowmeter 2-wire connection

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

The electromagnetic flowmeter has flowmeters for special purposes, has a 2-wire connection, no additional cables, as dynamic, reliable and accurate as 4-EMC cable, pipe cross-section smooth, no pressure loss Additionally, the minimum conductivity of 5 mS / cm., has an intrinsically safe connection.

The flowmeter is an electromagnetic flow meter 2-wire technology with the dynamics, reliability and accuracy of a 4-wire EMF, is suitable for constant or pulsating flows.


- Chemicals

- Iron, steel and metals

- Minerals and mining

- Pharmaceuticals

- Power plants

- Pulp and paper

- Water

- Wastewater

The electromagnetic flowmeter is designed for applications such as pulsating flows to aggressive chemicals, for products with high content of solids and is suitable for loop control applications.

Cotice: Electromagnetic Flowmeter 2-wire connection

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