Variable Area Flowmeter DK 32

Variable Area Flowmeter DK 32

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Variable Area Flowmeter, Metal Cone

This flowmeter is consumption indicators of small (metal), the flow is versatile and can be used for gases and liquids, has a robust all metal design that ensures high resistance to pressure, temperature and media and stands up to the implementation and extreme environmental conditions.

The flowmeter has a float position that is magnetically transmitted to an analog indicator to display the measured value. No power supply is needed.


- Simple and low cost measuring principle without auxiliary power.

- Materials wetted stainless steel, optional Hastelloy, Monel and titanium.

- Process temperature -80 ° C to +150 ° C.

- Working pressure up to 130 bar.

- Ceiling for measuring liquids from 1.6 to 160 l / h (water: 20 ° C).

- Upper limit of measurement of gas from 16 to 4800 l / h (air: 20 ° C, 1,013 bar.).

- 2 limit switches.

- 4.0% accuracy of ACC measured value. VDI / VDE 3513-2 (QG = 50%).

- Approved for Hazardous Areas.

- Has many different processes connections.

The flowmeter has a valve horizontal connections and standard measurement in the foot or the head of the device. Differential pressure regulators are possible to connect directly to a differential pressure regulator, to ensure a steady flow in the case of fluctuations in pressure.

Cotice: Variable Area Flowmeter DK 32

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