Variable Area Flowmeter DVGW G260

Variable Area Flowmeter DVGW G260

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Variable Area Flowmeter, Metal Cone

The variable area flowmeter, flowmeters are small (metal), the flowmeter can be equipped with a mechanical or electronic indicator, suitable for the measurement of gases and liquids, are robust, versatile all measuring devices metal. All devices are equipped with a metering valve to establish accurately the value of the flow.


- Materials in contact with the medium is stainless steel, option: Hastelloy, Monel and titanium.

- Process temperature -80 to +150 ° C (-25 to +135 ° C for. Indicator).

- Working pressure up to 130 bar.

- Ceiling for measuring liquids from 1.6 to 160 l / h (water: 20 ° C).

- Upper limit of measurement of gas is 16 to 4800 l / h (air: 20 ° C, 1,013 bar.).

- 2 limit switches or analog output mA.

- 2.5% Accuracy of ACC measured value. VDI / VDE 3513-2 (QG = 50%).

- Approved for Hazardous Areas.

- Many different process connections.

Mechanical indicator (M8M)

Without auxiliary power, the flow of the dependent position of the fleet in the cone of measurement is transmitted by magnetic coupling to the scale at home. Adjustable limit values of the transmitters are also shown in the scale.

Electronic Indicator (M8E)

The electronic version has been with the bar graph indicator-of-the-art magnetic sensors that record the position of the fleet without contact or hysteresis. The operation of the standard system is a linear analog output of 2-wire (current applied 4 to 20 mA).

The device can operate with power supply units commercially available. Differential pressure regulators, it is possible to directly connect a differential pressure regulator, to ensure a steady flow in the case of fluctuations in pressure.

Cotice: Variable Area Flowmeter DVGW G260

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