Variable Area Flowmeter with Glass Cone

Variable Area Flowmeter with Glass Cone

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Variable Area Flowmeter with Glass Cone

The variable area flowmeters are suitable for measuring liquids and gases, the design of standard device is available with different connections that meet the standards. The glass measuring cone, protected by a metal sheath with a sight glass makes it easy to read and observe the flow directly between. The suitability for measuring gas flow under the road of the process has been certified by the DVGW test station at the Institute of gas-fired thermal in Essen.


- Simple, low cost measuring principle without auxiliary power.
- Accessories stainless steel, other materials optional.
- Rosca, flanges, hose or clamp connection.
- The process temperatures are -20 ° C to +100 ° C.
- Operating pressure up to 7 / 10 bar. (depending on DN)
- Ceiling liquid measuring 0.4 to 10,000 l / h (water: 20 ° C)
- Upper limit of measurement of gases: 7 to 310,000 l / h (air: 20 ° C, 1,013 bar.)
- 2 limit switches
- 1.0% Accuracy of ACC measured value. VDI / VDE 3513-2 (QG = 50%)
- Use in hazardous areas (ATEX)
- Special food and pharmaceutical variant

The flowmeter has a design of stainless steel surfaces with a surface roughness of components in contact with the medium of <0.8 microns deposits make it difficult for the form and are easy to clean, combined with a design no dead spaces and areas of stagnation, the organisms can not adhere and multiply. There are connections and meets FDA materials for food and pharmaceutical industries.

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