Ultrasonico de rango

Ultrasonico de rango

Producto n° 17334


FLOW METERS: Ultrasound

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The ultrasonic flowmeter has minimized uncertainty, optimized reliability, minimal maintenance, has an efficient lubrication concept, easy to mount the sensor, has an installation wizard. All in one system, this represents a continuity and a long-term reliability. The flow measurement can be done anywhere and start-up is immediate.

The ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for chemical industries, petrochemicals, power plants, water, oil and gas, semi-conductor, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


- Furthermore Chemistry.

- General process control.

- The water cooling / heating water.

- Wide range of refined hydrocarbons.

- Drinking water.

- Water deionized and demineralized.

- Measurement of flow velocity Health.

- Purified water.

Cotice: Ultrasonico de rango

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