Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The ultrasonic flowmeter has 6-line ultrasonic gas flowmeter for custody transfer no, 4 chords for reflection high-precision and 2 extra reflection line diagnostic options. This novel flow meter has been developed especially for applications in natural gas production and gas suppliers to the gates of the city and transfer stations. Its rugged construction makes it ideal for use in extreme environments such as offshore platforms.

The flowmeter has a unique combination of parallel chords and chord measurement of reflection offset any turbulence and therefore guarantees reliable measurement results even with turbulent flow profiles.


- High reliability with redundancy built by replacing dynamic rope.

- Performance monitoring and fouling detection.

- Whirlpool of compensation in each measuring plane.

- Replacement of pressure transducer.

- Bi-directional flow measurement.

- Auto drain transducers.

- Fully enclosed wiring.

- From field to display the main functions.

- Available in sizes DN100.

- DN600, a 3D installation length and a maximum pressure of 150 bar.

- Compatible with commonly used protocols.

The ultrasonic flowmeter is designed for oil and gas industries and petrochemical applications are FPSOs and offshore platforms, land exploration, transmission, underground gas storage (UGS), distribution, gas outlets, for example, plants power, petrochemical, aluminum smelters, etc.., doors of gas suppliers' of the city and transfer stations.

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