Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Flow meters are a measurement of flow and effective volume count of all types of water and wastewater in closed pipes or open channels and closed channels, Weld-in sensors for metal pipes (W, also with Hot Tapping), sensors embedded or integrated into the open channels.


- No additional pressure drop.

- The electrical conductivity, pressure, density, etc.no have no effect on the measurements.

- Easy to install from the outside or inside.

- No maintenance.

- Low power.consumption.

- Low operating costs.

Flowmeters ultrasonic sensors to measure the volumetric flow in metal pipes, sensors are welded to the outside of the pipes, has a single beam measurement, double and triple option, flow: 350 -1,270,000 m3 / h, or 770-5600000 U.S. GPM, the flow rate is 0.5 equivalent to 18 m / s or 1.5 to 54 m / s, for process temperatures up to 180 ° C / 356 ° F and pressures up to 40 bar / 580 psig, with sensors to measure the velocity of flow in open channels. The sensors can be installed or assembled from within or outside the channel.

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