Mass Flow Meter

Mass Flow Meter

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Mass Flow Meter

The massive edge meter overcomes the limitations in the flow of materials and applications traditionally associated with a single straight tube meter Coriolis, provides excellent accuracy and reliability, the meter has titanium tube material, Hastelloy, or Stainless Steel allow straight tube measurement for virtually any process flow has limits from 0.3 to 560,000 kg / h, has no limits with measured product High viscosity, particulate matter, inhomogeneous mixtures, normal entrained air, have little effect on the accuracy Measurement.

In the mass flow meter with the installation limits are supportive in the process pipe or the meter body, without the need for precise positioning is not limited to electronics, has been designed with all new electronics, incorporating the final signal processing that is permanently mounted to the subway, it provides high speed of sound measurement and remote connection to the signal converter up to 300 m. dual redundant data set, calibration constants ease of maintenance, etc.

The mass flow meter has no limits to the applications that can provide metering solutions whatever your need, including: flow, density, concentration and temperature.


- Fully programmable electronics provide a selection of multiple outputs.

- Modular signal converter for greater flexibility.

- Connecting the health system process.

- Management of flow of 0.3 ... 560.000 kg / h (0.66 ... 20.500 lbs / min) 560,000 kg / h (0.66 ... 20,500 lb / min).

- Smooth transition from tube to tube processing.

- Materials available in 10 sizes with a choice of 3 tube.

- Approved for hazardous area applications ATEX, FM and CSA.

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