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Mass Flow Sensor

The mass flow sensor is the solution for most mass flow measurement, is large in diameter for volume measurement, measurement of stainless steel tubes, modular electronic custody transfer of liquids and gases, has been developed to meet the demanding needs of the transfer of oil and gas, which is well suited to bulk measurement in many applications.

The mass flow sensor has a high level of performance that makes it suitable for measuring the volume of oil and products such as honey, molasses and raw chemicals, this combined with the power of the will provide an accurate measurement of volume, mass, density and concentration.


- Innovative design of twin tube measurement.

- High rate of flow capacity.

- Drain easily and easy to clean.

- Heating jacket optional.

- High accuracy for custody transfer.

- Optimized flow splitter for minimal pressure drop.

- Modular concept of electronics: the electronics and sensors are easily replaced.

- Size large tube for measuring volume.

The flow sensor is designed for oil and gas industries, sewage, chemicals, paper and pulp, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and freshwater, sensor applications are in bulk cargo and unloading, transfer of custody to the volume and mass, has high volume and pipe measurement applications.

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