Mass Flow Meters

Mass Flow Meters

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Mass Flow Meter

The mass flowmeter with a single straight measuring tube, straight tube meter has no flow splitter to give lower pressure, higher factor of safety with standard pressure range 100 bar / 1450 PSI and with PED secondary containment up to 100 bar / 1450 PSI, no installation restrictions; straight sections upstream and downstream are not necessary and external influences such as vibration or shock tube are not important to be considered.

The mass flow meter has a calibration at 3 different temperatures to optimize the temperature compensation, has an accuracy of short-range and batch processing time, measurement of abrasive slurries or fibers for high-end applications, has all current materials available for the measuring tube, Titan, 318L stainless steel and tantalum possible with a single straight measuring tube of almost all media. All flow ranges up to 560,000 kg / h, with a wide range of products for flow ranges from small and large.

The flowmeter has characteristics of high viscosity media, the solid parts, the heterogeneous composition of air or occlusion have almost no influence on performance measurement.


- Chemistry.

- Petrochemical.

- Oil & Gas.

- Food & Beverage.

- Pharmaceuticals - Pulp and Paper.

- Industry in general and energy.

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