Mass Flow Meter 9300 lbs

Mass Flow Meter 9300 lbs

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Mass Flow Meter

The mass flow meter for high temperature, no limits to the temperature 230 ° C or 350 ° C, or stainless steel wetted materials, insulation and jacket options for heating liquids.

The mass flow meter has no limits with stainless steel applications and allow mass flow metering for almost any process without limits to flow of 250,000 kg / hour or 1 ... 9300 lbs / min. With a wide range of tube sizes for low and high flow.

The mass flow meter has no limits with measured product High viscosity, particuate matter, inhomogeneous mixtures, normal entrained air, have little effect on the accuracy and quality of measurement, with unlimited installation support the pipe or the meter body without any effect on performance.

Cotice: Mass Flow Meter 9300 lbs

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