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Cotizar y Comprar Mass Flow Converter Cotizar y Comprar Mass Flow Converter

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Mass Flow Converter

The mass converter belongs to the family of modular converters for all applications and all sensors, designed to standard industry production, commodity hardware has to all homes, stainless steel housings for the sea, food and beverages, is dual-redundant calibration data, has advanced diagnostics with software tools.

The mass converter has a high performance solution because it is a universal converter of Coriolis mass flow suitable for a wide range of applications and installations. The common platform for modular hardware allows easy selection of output options required, and is suitable for mounting in various housing configurations, it is also suitable for all sensors of current and future flow mass.

The converter of mass is split architecture solution for the family of mass flow ensures maximum security and redundant backup calibration parameters, in the event of a failure. No need to reprogram after a unit is not replaced.


- Modular versions of a converter based on a high-end option with multiple output options.

- Advanced diagnostic functions.

- Excellent long term stability.

- Easy to install and program due to improved man-machine interface (HMI).

- Maximum process safety.


- Chemicals.

- Food & Beverage.

- Machinery.

- Minerals and mining.

- Oil & Gas.

- Pharmaceuticals.

- Power plants.

- Pulp and Paper.

- Water and Wastewater.


- Liquids and gases.

- Milk and viscous products.

- Concentration measurement quality control.

- Measurements of volume referred.

- Measurement of density.

- Referred density measurement.

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