Modular Converter

Modular Converter

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Modular Converter

The modular converter reduces all previous limitation of Coriolis mass measurement, no limits through the intuitive user interface software is easy to program with intuitive software, easy to commission, zero calibration and output configuration , has service capacity limits, a smart digital link with the front that will update the sensor calibration data, reduces maintenance parts sensor diagnostic reserves, has options for measuring the concentration, easy to convert meters field with conversion kit.

The modular converter gives users a choice of multiple outputs (up to 4) in / hazardous designs, these outputs are galvanically isolated from the power supply, but not from each other, and use of common ground. The output current is equipped with standard first. Current (mA) output is active (power converter). Pulse and control inputs are passive (with external power). The output state can be active or passive, depending on the installed output options.

This converter has outputs passive modular and provides intrinsically safe signals to the version of the danger area. The outputs are galvanically isolated from the power supply and others, in this design only two inputs or outputs are available at any time.

Cotice: Modular Converter

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