Flow Controllers

Flow Controllers

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Flow Controllers

The stream flow controller is ideal for mechanical indicating local homogeneous flow of liquid cleaner has adjustable switch that generates alarms when it reaches the switching points. The units are robust. Several variants are available to suit a wide variety of applications.


- Mechanical, autonomous flow switches.

- no power supply needed.

- For horizontal and vertical pipes DN 15 to DN 3000 - and more.

- High reliability and repeatability.

- Proven technology.

- for over thirty years.

- Bistable reed switches and relays SPDT switches available.

- Optional second limit switch.

- Position of switching can be adjusted in terms of process.

- High temperature version (no indicator) for operating conditions up to 300 ° C / 570 ° F.

- The removable housing is able to process.

- Optional for approval or EEx d EEx i applications.

- No maintenance.

The flow controller is designed for petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical, water and air conditioning (HVAC), has flow detection, cooling systems, pump protection, lubrication and alarm control of cavitation.

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