SDA Flap type flowmeter

SDA Flap type flowmeter

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SDA Flap-type flowmeter

SDA Flap-type flow meter can be used for various types of flow measurement of liquid products by using different construction materials and different mounting positions. The flow is largely independent of viscosity and suitable for indicating the flow of water, acids and alkalis.

The flap, flow meter has the responsibility for the suitability, intended use and corrosion resistance of materials used in their construction rests solely with the buyer. Each device is calibrated to the user's application and provided with a scale of related products. For process control, flow meter can be equipped max. limit swich and two analog current output.


- Universal type flow meter flap.

- Mounting position, horizontal and vertical.

- Low pressure drop.

- Largely independent of viscosity.

Cotice: SDA Flap type flowmeter

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