Radar Level Meter for Solids

Radar Level Meter for Solids

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Radar Level Meter for Solids

The radar level meter for solids has a clear vision, even through severe dust conditions, a precision level measurement in non-planar surfaces, antenna minimizes Drop patented product accumulation, high reliability and reduces installation costs maintenance, modular design from mechanics to electronics.

The radar flow meter is a 2-wire without contact 24 ... 26 GHz radar (FMCW) meters away, the level and volume measurement of powders, granules and other solids. Due to its continuous-wave generation and the small angle of the radar beam, the radar does not require the measurement antenna. Its innovative antenna Drop plain PP or PTFE makes cleaning systems obsolete and maintenance-free devices.


- ± 10 mm / ± 0.4 standard accuracy.

- PP or PTFE antenna Drop: their shape prevents the accumulation of product in powder applications.

- Operates up to a flange temperature of 200 ° C / 390 ° F and 40 bar / 580 psig.

- Measuring range up to 80 m / 260 m.

- Antenna can be extended to accommodate any length of tube.

- Directly accessible graphical touch screen / wizard (option).

- An installation wizard specific solids that allows the instrument to accurately measure irregular surfaces.


- Minerals and mining.

- Chemistry.

- Food.

- Iron, Steel & Metals.

- Pulp and Paper.

- Energy.


- Storage.

- Silos.

- Hoppers.

- Conveyor.

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