Ultrasonic Level Meter for Solids

Ultrasonic Level Meter for Solids

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The ultrasonic meter is a sensor especially suitable for level measurement of solids, the instruments differ in the range of measurement, across different frequency transducers adapted and efficient transmission, the levels in a measuring range of 0.6 m -- 45 m (1.97 m - 147.6 m) can be measured. Resistant materials for transducers and process fittings also allows applications in corrosive products (depending on model).

The ultrasonic meter has a range of application that includes liquids and solids in virtually all industries. The connection process is the compression flange or mounting strap.


- Level measurement during processing and storage of solid.

- Level indicator solids in silos and hoppers.

- Measurement of level in the crushed stone.

- The profile measurement on conveyor belts.

Technical data (extract):

Measuring range:

- Liquid 0.6 to 15 m.

- Solid 0.6 to 7 m.

-Process Temperature: -40 to 80 ° C.

-Process Pressure: -0.2 to 1 bar.

Cotice: Ultrasonic Level Meter for Solids

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