Ultrasonic Level Meter for Solids

Ultrasonic Level Meter for Solids

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Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Level Meter for Solids

The ultrasonic meter is a sensor especially suitable for level measurement of solids, the instruments differ in the range of measurement, the transducer and the connection release the process. Through different transmission frequencies and transducers adapted, levels in a measuring range of 0.6 m - 45 m (1.97 m - 147.6 m) can be measured.

Resistant materials for transducers and process fittings also allows applications in corrosive products (depending on model).


- Level measurement during processing and storage of solid.

- Level indicator solids in silos and hoppers.

- Measurement of level in the crushed stone.

- The profile measurement on conveyor belts.

Applications of solid:

Technical data (extract):

Measuring range:

- Liquid: 0.8 to 45 m.

- Solids: 0.8 to 25 m.

Process connection:

- Flange with optional swivel bracket.

Process temperature:

- -40 To 80 ° C.

Process pressure:

- -0.2 To 0.5 bar bar.

Cotice: Ultrasonic Level Meter for Solids

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