Vibration Level Switches 5150

Vibration Level Switches 5150

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The vibration level switch for liquids compact version has a range of up to 250 ° C / 480 ° F and 64 bar / 925 psi, dry-run bomb detection, high reliability due to the continued lack of oversight , vibration level sensor that uses a fork for level detection. It is designed for use in all liquids. It is not affected by foam and external vibrations. It is also affected by changes in product properties, viscosity.

The vibration level switch is Standard or the HT version, a variety of process fittings, housing and electronics, relay outputs, transistor, 2Wire, NAMUR or contact electronic switch, process connection option for high temperature up 250 ° C / 482 ° F, with polished fork adjustment for example, to food processing.


- Output Options: relay, transistor, NAMUR, contact electronic switch and 2-wire.

- Plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housings.

- LED to indicate the connection status (with plastic case only).

- Wide variety of materials for wetted parts. This includes 316L, enamel.

- Probe Length: 53 ... 6000 mm / 2 ... 236 ".

- Repeatability: + / -2 mm.

- Thread connections G / ¾ NPT, flange sizes DN25 PN40; Triclamp 1 "or 2" and other accessories for hygiene.


- Chemicals.

- Food & Beverage.

- Water and Wastewater.

- Oil & Gas.


- Reactors.

- Health and hygiene applications.

- Process and liquid storage tanks.

- Dry-run and overfill protection.

Cotice: Vibration Level Switches 5150

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