Liquid Level Switches

Liquid Level Switches

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Liquid Level Switches

The liquid level switch for level detection or dry-run protection optimized flow geometry, has a precise connection point, the installation of sanitation, hygiene conductive type series sensors are used for level detection or dry run protection for conductive liquids. These sensors detect the electrical resistance of the product in the tank when the electrode is in contact with the product. The wall of the vessel or pipeline acts as inverse potential.

The liquid level switch is available with electrodes stump to the piping system or single or multiple bars for installation in the tanks, the sensor bars are stainless steel or coated, to be insensitive to the foam or product accumulates. Sensor Bar can be reduced without special tools.

The liquid level switch has electronics that are well integrated in the electronics compartment or can be placed in the panel room. In products (with different conductivities), the sensitivity can be adjusted through a contact entry with a variety of hygienic process connections, cracks free installation can be achieved. These connections are EHEDG approved as to its ease of cleaning simple.

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