Level Indicator

Level Indicator

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Level Indicator

The level indicator integrated guided radar (TDR), level meter distance, level and volume measurement of liquids and liquid interface, also integrates the radar level meter distance, level and measuring volume of liquid level can be measured in a variety of difficult conditions, has a measuring principle which operates on the principle of communicating vessels.

The level gauge has a measuring chamber which is connected to the tank to the same conditions that obtained in the chamber as the tank.

The level gauge has a float which is equipped with a system of permanent magnets to transmit measured values to the local indicator. The magnet system of the active float and magnetic flaps according to the level of liquid, or a movable follower magnet in the section that says the indicator according to the selected display method. The investment column yellowfin magnetic, or the vertical position of the follower magnet, indicating the liquid level.

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