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The converters use has a reliable converter for use in water applications, integrated controller and temperature compensation management, has an excellent price / performance thanks to a combination of practical sensors is ideal for a wide range of tasks Measurement of water and wastewater.


- 1 ticket for all sensors of the family.

- 1 analog output (switchable between the measured value or continuous controllers).

- Integrated controller and two limit switches and an alarm relay to activate solenoid valves, pumps, dispensers, etc.

- Temperature compensation, either manually or by using the temperature sensor.

- Simple, text-guided surgery device.

- Excellent price / performance.

- Optional.

- patented automatic sensor cleaning (ASR).


- The water / wastewater industry.

- Power plants.

- Chemical industry.

- Paper Industry.

- Food Industry.


- Quality of water / wastewater.

- Monitoring and control of water and wastewater disinfection.

- Monitoring of water treatment for boilers.

- Monitoring water quality.

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