Axis Alignment

Axis Alignment

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Axis Alignment

The shaft alignment is simple yet powerful system is perfect for anyone wishing to align only horizontal machines. Despite being the simplest. Besides the horizontal program, the program also includes legs mismatch, compensation for thermal expansion and testing of tolerance. After the measurement, the result can be stored in the display unit, you can print * or can be transferred to the PC. Typical applications are pumps, motors and gearboxes.

Contents of a complete system:

• 1 display unit (with 2 measurement programs).

• 1 cover for display unit.

• 2-wire connectors push-pull type.

• 2 units of measurement (S, M).

• 2 sets of rods for measuring units (4 x 60 mm, 8 x 120 mm).

• 2 Shaft brackets with chains.

• 2 extension chains.

• 1 tape measure.

• 1 manual.

• 1 program + PC cable.

• 1 bag.

Features and functions:

• 2 programs: horizontal leg and dislocated.

• Compensation for the thermal expansion.

• Tolerance Checking.

• Autonomy extremely high (up to 48 hours).

• Possibilities of documentation.

• Expandable.

• 2 years warranty.

Cotice: Axis Alignment

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