Measurement System

Measurement System

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Measurement System

This measurement system is best suited for use in plants, sewage treatment, selective ion technology optimized for direct and continuous measurement is easy to install and low maintenance and self-control has a highly reliable self-cleaning.

The sensor has technology that allows you to measure the concentration of ammonium and nitrate NO3 without additional sample preparation or use of chemicals. The compact system can be easily installed and operated with long service intervals for the optimum cost of ownership.

The self-control and self cleaning features together with the allowance of sodium and chloride matrix will result in greater reliability in plants treating municipal wastewater.


- Optimum cost of ownership.

- Compact system for easy installation.

- Long maintenance intervals between 3-6 months.

- Ease of maintenance through the exchange of electrodes simplified.

- Self-cleaning air through the blast.

- Self-control for reliable operation.

- Fast response time through direct and continuous measurement.

- Compensation optimized sodium and chloride matrix changes.

- No moving parts, no consumption of chemicals.

- Additional sample preparation or filtration necessary.

- Can be integrated into the network with multiple sensors.


- Municipal Wastewater Treatment Wastewater.

- Water monitoring stations.


- Municipal Wastewater Treatment Wastewater.

- Water monitoring stations.

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