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The master batch is a monitoring tool, specially designed for the automation of a batch function, requiring a particular outcome. The Master of concrete as a "stand-alone version is a fully functional device that requires a single power supply.

These controls have an operator who has all the information you need for a batch of local security for the plant. The batch is started directly at the point of filling. If a system failure, the lot can be stopped immediately. Error messages are displayed in clear text.


- Local operation directly on the ground.

- Indication pre-established amount of lots, total flow rate and general.

- Compatible with all flow meters and actuators.

- Increased accuracy due to a 4-20mA output with a 5-step ramp and closed soft start ramp.

- PID controller for the rate of flow or pressure maintenance.

- Communication with control systems via Modbus protocol.

- Display functions of the entries and the entry of text data load.

- For approval of the transfer of custody.

In controls all types of flow meters can be connected, the input can be configured for current input (4 to 20 mA), pulse passive and inductive sensors. Low flow rate control, if the flow for the lot is too low, the teacher leaves lots of time starting after a pre-programmed, sensor breakage monitoring.

PID controller function:

- Control the flow on the lot.

- The control of temperature or pH in the batch.

- Pressure control function for LPG applications.

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