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This driver is designed for applications in hazardous areas, direct connection of sensors and actuators has three analog inputs 4 to 20 mA, two analog outputs 4 to 20 mA, six digital inputs and outputs, cascade control, ratio control, control double loop control, the difference, 16 steps depending on programmer's reference point.

The controller has special features for the jacket / heating systems products for use as station manual / automatic processing set point, Modbus interface. Intrinsic safety controller of a single loop that can be installed directly in hazardous areas. Its presentation is variable, process setpoint, deviation control, output and display Automatic / manual.

The controller operated by 8-key front panel has:

- Direct connection of sensors and actuators in the danger area.

- Three analogue inputs 4 to 20 mA (3 - wire).

- Six digital inputs to switch roles.

- Six digital outputs for alarms.

- Modbus interface for communication with a control system.

Special software functions:

- Cascade control, ratio control, contrast control, dual-loop control.

- As a dual loop controller, the controller provides two output signals in parallel or, alternatively, the lowest, respectively, the highest of each.

- Special functions for temperature control of batch reactors, for example, limiting the difference between the jacket and the temperature of the product and prevent lots of excess temperature.

- Integrated automatic 16.

- Role of the steps set point programmer.

- Special functions for use as manual-/automático station or as a regulator setpoint.

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