Marine GPS alta sensibilidad

Marine GPS alta sensibilidad

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Marine GPS

The maritime GPS chip has a high sensitivity and high precision, which brings undeniable advantages in situations of poor coverage, as in forests, woodlands or urban canyons (cities), you get signs up inside the houses.

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The maritime GPS supports microSD memory cards, already in the market 256Mb microSD card. This card can save the maps (not just any map, but those created to how you set) and POIs, or points of interest, such as speed camera database, petrol stations. to warn you. Now you can power through its USB port, not using batteries or batteries when connected to your computer.

The maritime GPS has a reflective TFT color display with 256 high quality color looks better, as more sunlight it receives. The fleet unit, so it is highly recommended for use in marine environments, has a 10,000 active track points that takes highly configurable user-defined points to a certain fixed time, to a certain fixed distance, or with 5 modes different automatic frequency.

The maritime GPS has 20 saved tracks with 500 points apiece with shipping capacity trackback, has 50 reversible routes with up to 250 waypoints each, stored in a fixed way up to 1000 waypoints with 10 character names, height and a graphic icon, compatible drive with SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS-SBAS), allowing you to obtain details of less than 1 meter.

The GPS is able to calculate shipping when rising and setting sun and the moon, including a computer page with lots of information, such as maximum and average speed, time and time of arrival to our destination, follow direction, altitude, etc. . 18 hours of battery life, accepting 2 alkaline or rechargeable AA NIHM, has a 4-pin round connector, which broadcasts information through a serial port and can receive power (from 10 to 35 volts approximately).

The maritime GPS has:

  • A USB connector for quick and effective transmission.
  • A loud speaker.
  • An electronic compass that lets you assess the direction even if we stopped.
  • A barometric altimeter, calibrated with the GPS sensor provides elevation values in difficult reception conditions for GPS.
  • The unit provides a special screen where you can see the profile heights of our walks.
  • A connector MCX type active antenna.
  • Includes Software.
  • Connection cable to the USB port of a computer.
  • Hanging cord in the neck or wrist.
  • Manual.
  • MicroSD memory card 128Mb.
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