Ideal Air Valve for Water

Ideal Air Valve for Water

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Ideal Air Valve for Water

The ideal air valve for the water belongs to our product line, category subcategory valves air valves

The ideal air valve for water has elastomer pinch valve is a valve that is ideal for water, chemicals, solids, and slurry applications. The valve is easily installed between two pieces of pipe with hose clamps.

For the ideal air valve for the water just have to add 20 psi of air pressure over line pressure and the air valve closes drop tight. For example, pressure from the process line is 45 psi, 20 psi over line pressure or 65 psi, close the valve.

The ideal air valve for water has all the advantages of a valve: no packing gland or cracks in seat, this full-pitch valve eliminates grout bridge or dehydration associated with obstruction of metal seated valves. Each time the valve is bent self-clean.

The body of the air valve is ideal for water-reinforced elastomeric fabric, attached to the inner sleeve - the only wet part. Air connection is 5 / 16 "valve stem.'s Unique one piece design eliminates the need for valve actuators, making it more affordable maintenance, automatic valve freely available to the industry.


  • Lightweight, all-elastomer design.
  • The only valve that closes "last drop" sound.
  • Automatic valve installation using the air.
  • Cycle Valve High.
  • No cavities or dead spots are attached to the valve operation.
  • Full port design.
  • Not affected by harsh external environments.
  • Packing to replace or maintain, always.
  • Cost-effective and maintenance free.

Building materials:

  • Elastomer reinforced with high strength fabric body.

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