Manual Actuation Valve Pinch

Manual Actuation Valve Pinch

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Manual Actuation Valve Pinch

The manually operated valve pinch belongs to our product line, category subcategory valves pinch valves.

The manually operated valve with a reliable and maintenance-free, the actual cost of the valve designed for blending hard and abrasive and corrosive chemical applications underground.

This manually operated valve pinch was specifically designed for underground service. It is sealed with an epoxy coating and double containment is expected, position indicators are optional available. There are no seats to grind, not to repack the stuffing boxes and glands not to adjust. The action is central online so the pinch valve closes in a smooth venturi and is self cleaning.

The heart of the manually operated valve pinch is the only durable, flexible rubber sleeve which is reinforced with high strength fabric. The manga, which is the only part of the valve exposed to the process, maintenance and eliminates the need for costly exotic materials body. In addition, the operation of the valve does not freeze and times of operation remain unchanged.

Manually operated valves pinch have the same face to face, as a gate, connection, or ball valves, ANSI 16.10 up to 6 "in size, the sizes of 8", 10 "and 12" series are available for ANSI 75B 16.10 Reduced face to face with his sleeve.


• No packing to maintain, always.

• The same face to face as the door, plug or ball valves to 12 ".

• Beam is the only wet part.

• Position indicator, heavy-duty sleeve.

• 100% full port design.

• Bi-directional closure bubbletight.

Building Materials:

• Cast iron body Carbon steel.

• Sealed Yoke.

• ANSI Class 125/150 Flanges.

Cotice: Manual Actuation Valve Pinch

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