Manual Pinch Valve

Manual Pinch Valve

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Manual Pinch Valve

The manual pinch valve is part of our product line, category subcategory valves pinch valves.

The manual pinch valve is ideal for reliable, long life and low maintenance. The valves are constructed with a fabricated steel body and double action mechanism threaded fastener that closes the sleeve centerline.

The manual pinch valve is a true full-cover design without crevices or dead spots join the cooperation of the valve, bearings and shafts, so maintenance is virtually eliminated.

The manual pinch valve fully closed, sealing drop and seal in sound. Because the flexible sleeve is the only part exposed to liquid liner, alloy bodies are not needed, and maintenance of wells and the stems are removed.

Manual pinch valves to break pairs always remain constant. Large diameter heavy, valve maintenance. Electric drives are often mounted for remote operation.


• No packing to maintain, always.

• Beam is the only wet part.

• Heavy sleeve.

• 100% full port design.

• Bi-directional closure bubbletight.

• Able to seal in the solid • No contaminants, intrinsically safe design.

Building Materials:

• Cast iron or fabricated steel.

• ANSI Class 125/150 Flanges.

Cotice: Manual Pinch Valve

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