Valvulas de manguito de Control

Valvulas de manguito de Control

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Control Valve

The control valve is part of our product line, category subcategory valves pinch valves.

The control valve offers maximum durability with precise control and virtually eliminates maintenance. The valve is designed in sizes from 1 "to 4". A heavy duty, rugged pinch mechanism positions the sleeve, resulting in accurate flow control. The valve has no packing to maintain or seats for wear and the need for expensive alloy body is removed.

The control valve is designed with a career adjustment that is within the yoke of the valve. The stroke adjustment allows customers to easily make changes in control in the field of small and actuator simplifies maintenance by creating a point of elimination in the valve stem. Especially in applications of sludge, of time that allows the user to adjust the flow control, as the sleeve wears.

This control valve has a variable inlet cone and sleeves can be specified to enhance performance and control CV matches the exact level desired. Real votes positioning is accomplished through the direct link between the pneumatic positioner for the valve shaft. There is no division of the positioner output.

The control valve is available in smaller sizes, with a diaphragm actuator. The rapid response and low hysteresis of a membrane actuator can react quickly to input signals. This gives diaphragm high accuracy and repeatability in slurry lines of small diameter.


• From high life cycle, repeatable control.

• From the manga is the only part in contact with the media.

• Eliminates the need for costly body materials.

• Option versatile sleeve TRIMs.

• Able to meet the needs of accurate flow.

• Stroke adjustment External.

• Bi-directional closure droptight.

Building materials:

• Ductile Iron Council.

• membrane actuator.

• Flanged ANSI B 16.5 Class 150.

• DIN, ASA, or BS standards also available.

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