Control Valve

Control Valve

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Control Valve

The control valve is part of our product line, category subcategory valves pinch valves.

The control valve solutions for the management has the capacity of CSOs, this network is a new valve that is specifically designed to meet the needs of stormwater and combined sewer systems.

The control valve has a complete opening of the port to flow unimpeded. To control the rate at which water enters a storm water collection system, the valve is closed from the bottom, creating a controlled landfill. The weir can be close to 96% of the total pipe diameter, this allows operators to adjust the seasonal variations in rainfall, humid weather, storms or the changing demands of the population.

Electrically driven

The control valve is supplied with an electric motor operator to allow remote adjustment of the valve. He has only one part wet, the elastomer sleeve, which is ideal for remote and inaccessible places. There are no seats, packing or seals to maintain. Only normal lubrication of the mechanism of operation is necessary.

The control valve can also be remotely operated.

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