Pond Aeration Systems

Pond Aeration Systems

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Aeration Systems for Large Lakes to Small Ponds A great need for oxygen exists at the bottom of a eutrophic (nutrient-rich) body of fresh water. Oxygen is available at the surface but fails to reach the lake bottom due to thermal stratification, poor circulation and/or rapid consumption. This is especially so during the summer months, when the water is warm. Under these conditions, oxygen can be consumed faster than it can be replenished, killing aquatic animals in the lower levels that are unable to migrate up. Without bottom oxygen, a lake or pond's self-purification capability is significantly diminished. Nutrients that are normally held in the sediment get cycled into the water column in a dynamic called "nutrient cycling." These excess nutrients are just as harmful to the lake as those that come from the surrounding watershed, such as fertilizers, animal droppings and septic tank seepage and nutrients recycled from the sediment all increase the need for oxygen. Whether you maintain a koi pond, farm pond, park lake or drinking water reservoir, Aquatic Eco-Systems has the aeration system needed to keep your oxygen levels high and your algae growth low. All of our systems are designed to run continuously, maximizing efficiency to save you money. For lakes, choose one of our Great Lakes® aeration systems. These systems have improved lakes of all sizes around the world. Shallow aquaculture ponds may be aerated using a FAT CAT™ system to achieve the best possible results. For koi ponds containing up to 200 pounds of fish, choose one of our small pond aeration systems. Pond Aeration Systems Aeration » Aeration Systems » Perfect for koi ponds. The compressors are UL-listed, all-weather linear compressors that deliver air via self-weighted tubing to the ALP4 small pond diffuser. Each system is complete with the appropriate couplings, valves (on larger system), self-weighted tubing (dark blue for low visibility) and diffuser(s). Just plug into a 115V power source. Two sizes of complete systems are available. The smaller system will provide oxygen for up to 100 pounds of fish (when diffuser is at a 48" water depth, less fish weight at a shallower depth) and circulate water in ponds of up to 8,000 gallons while using only 50 watts! The larger system will handle up to 200 pounds of fish (when diffuser is at a 48" water depth, less fish weight at a shallower depth) and circulate water in ponds of up to 16,000 gallons while using only 90 watts! They are very easy to install and come equipped with tubing, 25' for the smaller and 50' for the larger system. Compressors and air diffusers have two-year warranties. See Index for poly tubing in order to pipe air up to 1,000' from the compressor (in place of running electricity to the pond).

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