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Cotizar y Comprar Vibration Sensor ST5491E Cotizar y Comprar Vibration Sensor ST5491E

Producto N° 18160

A precision vibration sensor and signal conditioner into a single, integrated package to provide years of dependable service.

The vibration sensor is an ideal solution for detecting vibrations in most plant equipment. A simple two-wire loop signals proportional to velocity is generated for transfer to a programmable logic controller (PLC), distributed control system (DCS) or other input devices 4-20 mA. Simply mount the transmitter in the case of the machine, connect the 2-wire loop and read and / or registration of vibration.

Each transmitter is manufactured the way you want it: one of the 3 electrical connections, epoxy or hermetically sealed, bolt assembly, frequency range, large-scale production and level of certification.


• Proportional to speed.

• Interfaces with PLC, DCS, 4-20 mA monitors, etc.

• LCD display.

• Different mounting studs available.

• Most stable detection circuit available.

• Includes temperature shock protection.

• "Ski slope" problem of protection.

• Built into the base and the protection of housing stock.

• The widest range of frequencies.

• From the high and low pass filter options.

• Extremely low sensitivity of Cross Shaft.

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